Instant Replay

5 seconds back video


8 responses to “Instant Replay

  1. Monalisa

    Hi there,
    I d/l-ed your app last night. It played fine for the 5 minutes I played. I shut it and thought would resume after dinner but somehow it never resumed. It always asked me to check my internet connection. I deleted and d/l-ed it some 4 times since then. Tried it with my data connection as well as the wi-fi… does not work and I already feel so addicted to it! :((((


    • David Fauthoux

      Hi Monolisa,
      Thank you very much for your message.
      I’ll try to reproduce your problem to correct it. It’s very hard to guess where it could come from because the app does not use the internet connection… Maybe the third-party libraries I use needs a working connection…


  2. Andy Gee

    Hi David
    I like your Instant Replay app. Would it be possible to record the replayed video?



  3. Gym Teacher

    How do I adjust the record time settings?

    • David Fauthoux

      Simply touch the screen to make the buttons appear, swipe to scroll down and touch a time: 2 sec., 5 sec., …

      For the new version incoming, thanks to your comment, I slightly changed the design to make it clearer. Thank you!

  4. Gia mora

    Hi how can I download this app…? It keeps saying that my ipad2 is not compatible.