I love Grandma

a delightful way to share photos with your Grandma


5 responses to “I love Grandma

  1. David, looks like a good app with a simple interface for g-ma. What we need though is a phone/pad interface for the other end. Most of us are taking pictures on phones and want to share them right away, calling mom and telling her to check her iPad for pictures of the grands which I loaded from the park where we are hanging out. Know what I mean? I’m sure that would take some time, but the advantage seems large. It looks like it’s mostly usable on phones via web, but not sure how well. Thanks.

    • David Fauthoux

      Thanks for your message, Daniel.
      It could be a good idea but I think it already exists in some other apps on the AppStore. I would like to keep the ‘realtime’ aspect of the app: I imagine grandson and grandma in separate places but looking at the photos together.

  2. pete

    hi – awesome ;-))
    question: can multiple people (grandsons…) upload pictures to the same grandma ;-))

    • David Fauthoux

      Thanks for your comment!!
      Yes, multiple people can upload pictures to the same iPad! The grandsons simply both use the grandma’s iPad number.

  3. David Fauthoux

    Here is the web side of the app:

    Nicely HTML5 crafted!