Popcorn DVD

Play your DVDs on your iPad

Download Popcorn DVD Server onto your computer:

Pre-release (download if the regular version does not work for you): for Mac OS X, for Windows.

The Windows version is experimental but may work with you without installing anything more. Just in case, check the following list:

  • iTunes. ’Bonjour’ has to be installed on your computer. If you have installed iTunes, you don’t need to install Bonjour (it’s already included in iTunes).
  • Java. If you don’t have it yet, you have to install Java.

5 responses to “Popcorn DVD

  1. Eric

    Got image but not soundtrack and subtitles tracks. Did I miss something ? Thx !

  2. ColinRoberts

    Does this application play DVD.iso files?

    • David Fauthoux

      Well… maybe but you have to place the file in the Popcorn DVD folder (where you put the video files).

  3. Lee Bolton

    Is this app still available? Couldnt find it in the app store 12-23-11