Hi everyone, I publish all my apps here.
Have fun discovering them!


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433 responses to “

  1. Emilie Breuilly

    J ai un soucis avec l application la cabine sur mon i Phone
    Je n ai pas de bouton rouge pour prendre les photos
    Je peux changer les filtres mais pas prendre de photos
    Au secours je me marie cr samedi dans 3 jours
    Au secours je me marie cr week end

  2. Deb

    Help! Trying to purchase the 48 hour unlimited but the app keeps saying ‘an error occurred while trying to contact store – please try again’

    Party starts in a few hours! Is something down?’

  3. Hello,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I am Laxmikant Thipse, founder of GameCloud Technologies Pvt Ltd. We are a group of
    professional QA testers, having experience of over 1000 Games and Apps on all major
    platforms. With your permission, I would like to share our portfolio with your team.

    We are happy to provide you bug reports based on a quick quality audit for your Game/App at
    no cost. If you find value in our submission, you can try our most competitively priced premium
    services in the future 🙂

    Feel free to reply if yoy are interested.

    Best Wishes,

    Laxmikant Thipse

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